Aaron Ellisor

The joyful healer - Healing Touch Houston

Aaron Ellisor, The Joyful Healer, contact artmusichealing@gmail.com,
or phone 713-557-1400.

I am a certified Healing Touch Practitioner — HCTP.   Sessions on done on a massage table and the client is fully clothed.  Sessions last from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.  Usually longer times are not needed or necessary to achieve optimal healing.

I have a studio in my home, and it assessable via an elevator (just in case you have mobility problems).  I live inside the city of Houston, near River Oaks and Highland Village.

I inspire and instill passion in everyone I meet by displaying my joy and passion in everything I do!

I believe in the power of prayer and the power of intention.

My Story
I am an artist, designer, pianist, flautist, and singer, a healer apprentice through Healing Touch International. Growing up in a middle class family showed me the values of hard work and the potential in success, no matter where you start out in life.

My early days were filled with music, art, having fun, singing gospel music with family and friends. I basically taught myself music and art with the help of friends and family. College provided an excellent opportunity to expand my skills in all the things I was interested in.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

My parents were raised in farming families and therefore, as a child I learned to work the earth to grow food, take care of animals and cook fabulous Texas style meals.

From a time before I can remember, I was taught music and how to play the piano. As I developed into a musician, I played the Piano, Saxophone, Flute and developed a Classical and Gospel style of singing.

As a child, I could see through walls. Walls and doors could become portals into light. I could smell entities in our home that visited from other dimensions.

My brother Timothy was killed when I was a teenager. This event threw my parents into dysfunction and alcohol abuse. I learned to fantasize and hide from adults during this time of my life. Humor was a way to deal with some of the things too real to look at!

I immersed my life in the study of drama, music and art. These things became my refuge. I continued to strengthen my approach to practical spirituality. I have studied many religions and believe I am a practitioner of metaphysics. I love learning healthy concepts with meditation and nutrition.

Intensive Healing Studies
I have been to Brazil to attend a 14 day Healing Journey John of God,
La Costa Spa to attend a 7 day program with Deepak Chopra,
La Pura Vida – Yoga Spa in Costa Rica,
Rancho la Puerta Health Spa in Tecate Mexico.

I love getting worked on.
I get traditional massage, thai massage, foot reflexology, sacral cranial, acupuncture, reiki, healing touch, rolfing, guided meditations, mantra meditations … to name a few of the things I love to treat myself with.

I participate in a program called Mastering the Impossible, with coach and mentor Richard Rogers. This is the place I discovered healing technologies is a goal I have for this lifetime. I am a Life Coach.

In 2003, my best friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This is when my real journey into learning healing technologies began. I had a purpose.

The miracles await us all. If you have discomfort, disease, dis-ease, pain or stress in your life, please contact me. I believe Healing Touch – Healing Beyond Borders Technology can help you and can help show you the path to health.